Sunday, October 18, 2020

Road to Wrigley 5K Race Goodies for Me!

 I ran one virtual 5K this summer, but nagging injuries have kept me on the shelf since. AJ, otherwise known as The Lost Collector, alerted me to the virtual Road to Wrigley 5K, but I had to sit that one out. 

Being a Yankees fan and collector, AJ didn't have much use for the giveaways which came with being a participant and since he is a uber-generous individual he sent them to P-town. 

It looks like Holiday has taken to the Cubs drawstring bag. 

I have a friend in mind to pass the shirt along to. 

Inside the bubble mailer and wrapped within the shirt was some cardboard. Woo-Hoo!
Late 80's Donruss always takes me back to my early collecting years. 

The two Sosa cards are separated by nine years, with 1992 Fleer Ultra on the left and 2001 Bowman on the right. Honestly, I thought there would be a notable body mass difference between the two pictures, but I'm not seeing it. 

When I see cards of Mark Prior and Starlin Castro back-to-back it's difficult to not think about what could have been. Both were touted as players who would help bring a championship to Wrigley. 
Prior and Castro were hotshot prospects who delivered on their talent for a couple of years, but then one was bitten by the injury bug and the other was swallowed up by mediocrity. 

It was not too long along ago my Sandberg collection passed the 1,000 card mark. I think AJ is trying to push me on to a second thousand. LOL

This 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball card of Kerry Wood is one I hadn't see before. It certainly has an old school feel to it that I like. 

Last up, some VOGELMONSTERS!
Assuming the NL sticks with the DH, I think 2021 will present Vogelbach with his best opportunity to secure a place for himself in MLB. Miller Park is a great place to hit and I think the Brewers will give him every chance to succeed next summer. I was bummed Vogelbach left Seattle, but I'm pretty stoked he found his way out of Toronto and to a ballpark which is within driving distance for yours truly. 

Thanks for the race goodies and the cards, AJ! I've added you to my ever-growing "send cards to" list. 

Have a great rest of the weekend, everybody!


  1. Nice care package here. I love the Play Ball Kerry Wood card. I'll have to try and track down some of those.

  2. Nice package from AJ! Hope you get to see your V-Monster next year!

  3. Hope the injuries heal rather quickly. I wanted to do the Cubs one too but had a weird calf muscle at the time. I was disappointed. That Prior ticket-card is fantastic! Very neat.