Saturday, November 21, 2020

3 Highlights of My Week

No sense in burying the lede here. Acquiring a button relic card has been on my to-do list for years and I've been watching a Kerry Wood button card Ebay for quite some time. The price, unfortunately, hasn't budged.

Enter Panini's 2020 National Treasures. 

I can sit watch National Treasures case breaks on YouTube for hours. It's a fun break to watch for sure.. I knew Dan Vogelbach had a traditional jersey card in the set, but what I didn't realize was he had a button card!

I set a timer and sniped this auction at the last second for a very nice price. How cool of a card is this!?!

The back might even better as it recounts the story of Yusei Kikuchi giving his son the middle name of VOGELMONSTER Daniel.

From time-to-time I've stopped in at Dunkin' Donuts, on a Friday, to grab some coffee to help me finish off the school week with a little extra kick. I guess my students have noticed and one of them introduced me to Dunkin's app. I earned a free coffee right away and decided to cash in. While I was there I splurged on a donut as well. 
Behold! The Ghost Pepper Donut! It's a yeast donut, with pink frosting and sprinkles. I'm fairly sure the ghost pepper was only in the frosting. I picked up a tiny hint of hot pepper taste, but little, if any heat. I would definitely say this donut was far sweeter than it was hot. 
I think those who can't normally handle spicy foods would have no problem consuming this tasty, sweet pastry. See if you can locate one and impress your friends!

Here's a picture of Hugo on our back patio. I like to think he's protecting us from the sparrows and juncos who frequent the nearby feeder. 
He's wearing his vest of Kryptonite, as well like to call it. When we first introduced him to the vest he flopped right over on his side. Later he learned to walk, but he did so as though his joints were fused together. The Kryptonite within the vest has slowly begun to wear off. Or perhaps he's built up an immunity? Now the vest only hinders his mobility enough so that he is not a threat to our little flying friends.  Good times.

What were the three highlights of your week?


  1. Nice button card! That's awesome. Congrats. I've never seen a cat in a vest before. I think of them more as wanting to be in cardigans.

    3 highlights from the week? Waking up everyday. Two negative COVID tests. And raking leaves.

  2. That button is very cool!

    I tried ghost pepper donut but it wasn’t for me. I like spice, but not in my sweets.

  3. Awesome Vogey button card! I love those unique relic hits, and it's great to see a true player collector end up with one. And the Kikuchi story is fantastic.

    My wife and I got to Dunkin about once a week (she has the app so she does the ordering.) I'll have to ask her if any of our local DDs have the ghost pepper donut!

    Great pic of Hugo there. Who needs a guard do when you've got a guard cat lol.

  4. Ghost pepper donut isn't anything I'd try in a million years, but to each his own! Button cards will forever fascinate me.

  5. Highlights from last week:
    1. Finishing my last at work before starting a new chapter in December.
    2. Having friends and family help celebrate this transition.
    3. Lego video game night... such a stress reliever!

    Fantastic Vogey card! You got a button and it confirms that he's a good dude! Gotta root for the good ones!!!