Saturday, August 15, 2020

Set Building within the Blogs & another Utz

 Rod, from Padrographs, decided to build his first set since 1989 and he chose my favorite of the year. I suppose that means I have exceptional taste! 

If you'd like to help Rod with his quest here is his want list.  I did my best to knock a chunk of cards from his list and he turned the favor with these gems to help with my set build.

I'm not sure I understand the Roll Call insert set, but I do like how the players are all pumped up on them. This Arenado is a good illustration of the energy I'm talking about. 
This is the last Flipping Out insert I need for my master set build. 
Rod was also kind enough to send along this gold parallel of Willson Contreras. Most excellent!
Thanks for the set help, Rod!

A fellow Illinoisan lucked into a 2020 Utz Vogelbach. I blogged about the addition of this card to my collection a little while back, but I'll never turn away a food issue oddball of the VOGELMONSTER. 

Richard has access to a Jewel (grocery store), which carries Utz, and I'm pretty jealous. I'm tickled he thought of me and send this one my way. Thanks, Richard!


  1. Speaking of set building... I just got around to opening up your PWE last night. Thank you for the two 2017 Stadium Club cards for my set. The goal is to have a thank you post up tomorrow.

    1. It was my pleasure Fuji. I bought a blaster, back when I was still doing that sort of thing, and I was a little bummed I didn't have more to send your way.

  2. Would you rather the card (any card), or the potato chips? Nice Vogel! I'm wondering why Utz isn't on the card front. I wonder then if utz on the back?

    1. "Utz" is listed right above the card number on the back, otherwise the back of the card looks identical to 2020 Topps flagship.