Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Cubs Cards from Nebraska

Brad is consistent contributor to the content within the blog-o-sphere, and when I saw he opened a blaster of 2020 Big League I had to see if he had any cards to help my set build.

A quick trade was worked out and before long these two gems were knocking on my door:
 In return, I sent Brad some Red Sox from the same set, because after all, he is a Red Sox Fan in Nebraska.

Bonus cards:
 I don't have any Panini Absolute cards fro 2020 in my collection yet. Schwarber is one of my guys!

This purple parallel of Willson was a nice surprise as well!  Would it shock you to learn Willson Contreras is also one of my guys?

Here's THE GUY.
I think most collectors know Dan Vogelbach, aka The Vogelmonster, aka Destroyer of Baseballs, is my main guy.

Thanks for the trade, Brad.  Good luck to your Red Sox this year!


  1. Weird that Topps used a shot of deGrom running the bases on that Big League insert, but of course that means I'm gonna need one for my Hitting Pitchers collection! (Or Running Pitchers, in this case.)

  2. He may be a lawyer. He may be a Red Sox fan. He may be a lawyer. But Brad's the best.