Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Adding a Case Hit to the Collection

In this year's edition of Donruss a foil-board insert, titled Divisions, was inserted into the Panini product at a rate of one per case. 

My guy, Dan Vogelbach, was the Seattle representative for the AL West. How 'bout that! 

Let's do a little math!  A case of 2020 Donruss contains 16 boxes, and box holds 24 packs. Adding to the rareness of this card is the fact the AL West is one of six divisions, which means the card shows up in every sixth case of cards. So, 16 x 24 x 6 = 2,304.  What does that number mean exactly?  Well, if you walk into a hobby store and purchase one pack of Donruss, then there is a one out of 2,304 chance this card will fall out of it. Not great odds. 

Yes, on top of how rare it is, I've also been in competition for securing this card with team and player collectors. Other hobby enthusiasts have been chasing the card because it also has features Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, Joey Gallo and Khris Davis.

The "Buy It Now" options on Ebay are not cheap, but I was the final bidder on a recent auction and I got a heck of a deal!
This beauty set me back the cost of two hobby packs, which is much cheaper than buying 2,304 packs. 

Patience for the win!


  1. Congrats on snagging a case hit of Mike Trout.

  2. I didn’t see these! Fun card. Very nice case hit of Altuve.

  3. Congratulations on grabbing this case hit. It's always fun to do the math to see how tough to pull inserts really are. I'd say 1:2,304 is pretty darn tough.

  4. I won't point out the apparent selfishness here because it's apparent! LOL. Keeping a card like this for yourself because you happen to super collect ONE of the five players. I've seen this but haven't felt inclined to pursue. Now the five year old me wants one because you have it. Great pickup, P-Town!

  5. I've never even seen one of these before, and when the term "case hit" gets thrown around I guess I know why. Congrats!