Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Joy of a Completed Page

I was finally able to secure the white bordered "paper" version of the Dan Vogelbach SP from this year's edition of Heritage. It joins a mini, a couple of inserts, and a bunch of chromey goodness to complete a 9-pocket page.

Brace yourselves.

Witnessing this many VOGELMONSTER cards in one picture could cause lasting damage to your vision.

Here it is:
Here a quick description of each from left to right, starting at the top: base SP, purple chrome, refractor, black chrome, white chrome, white paper, tattoo, Bazooka, and mini.

Of all the photos used on all of the Vogelbach cards in my collection, this year's Heritage is my favorite. This pose captures him launching an imaginary baseball in the stratosphere, where he has parked many a homer before.

So glorious!

I won't be chasing any of the lower numbered parallels, because suddenly there are other collectors who have jumped on the VOGELMONSTER bandwagon to drive up auction prices. Booo!

My collection currently sits at 461 Vogelbach cards and my Sandberg collection is at 963. Both are closing in on major milestones, but I think we all know which one will get there first!


  1. I'm liking this new layout for your blog.

    Also congrats on the completed page. Looks great when things fall into place like that. Fingers crossed you get the super one day.

  2. That is a sweet card. Well worth the 7 views on the 9 pocket page.

  3. I'm always on the lookout for Vogel-monster cardboard for you, just never see any numbered stuff.

  4. Looking at the top 6 cards is so soothing. It looks so nice in a 9-pocket page. Sorry to hear about having to compete with other Vogelbach collectors. Being a collector of guys like Gwynn and Henderson, I was forced to pick and choose what I bought a long time ago.

  5. Very nice. Who would have thought that white borders would look so slick with that design.

  6. Wow, the new blog design is awesome! It's very attractive and actually soothing to my eyes. I especially like the white sawtooth border of the content area--reminds me of the top of a pack of Topps cards. That completed page is awesome as well. Well done!

    1. Thanks! The sawtooth border was not intentional. I'm not sure how it happened and I tried to get rid of it, but couldn't figure out how. Maybe it's part of the theme I chose? Anyways, it has been growing on me and it IS totally like the top of a pack of Topps cards! I think it's a keeper!

  7. wow P-Town! Such sharp-looking page! The light blue background makes that blogroll pop! All the colors standout so nice against the white reading area. Shows off the V-Monster nicely!