Saturday, May 2, 2020

Are You The ____ Guy?

I got a pretty sweet PWE from Kerry, author of Cards on Cards, the other day in mail. It started off with some 2006 Bowman Heritage, which filled some holes in my Cubs box. I'm not a big fan of minis, but the D-Lee mini is pretty spectacular in my eyes.

The current crop of Cubs rookies aren't well represented in my collection, which makes this Alzolay and Hoerner card twice as nice.

Not too long ago the "paper" version of this Decades' Best Teams card was on my "Top 5 Most Wanted" list in the margin of my blog. (The list needs to be updated! Woo-Hoo!) I didn't know there was a chromed up version. Very cool!  Off to the World Series binder it goes. I'm pretty psyched about that!

This note made me smile. Nine-plus years ago when I started this blog I was just hoping to gain a couple dozen followers, but now I'm known around the blogs as The Vogelbach Guy!

Yeah, take a look at this beauty! That's some shiny mojo right there!

 I've never owned a scanner before, but then I saw TLC was using an application called the CamScanner for his pictures. As a teacher, who is dealing with remote instruction, I took advantage of CamScanner's offer to level up to their premium service.  The "magic color" setting does wonderful things to 2020 Heritage refractors!

I've been really happy with the scanner and have even convinced most of my 56 Calculus students, who are taking the Advanced Placement exam in ten days, to take advantage of their free trial to upload their handwritten work on exam day. They haven't complained to me about, so that's how I know they like it. 😁

A big thanks to Kerry for the Cubs and one pretty trippy Vogelmonster refractor!  For the record, Kerry is my Cardinals Guy.  I'm not sure, but he might be the blogosphere's Cardinals Guy. No?

How about you? Are you The ____ Guy?  Leave a comment or write a blog post. I'd like to know!

Have a great day!


  1. I'm hoping I'm the Larkin guy to many bloggers (unfortunately for me, there are other Larkin collectors out there so I don't always get dibs)!

  2. Sweet shiny Vogelmomster! I like the Cubs decade card too.

    Congrats on being a __ guy! I'm definitely not the "Red Sox guy" and I don't have any player collections that anyone else would look out for, even if I did get cards out of the blue.

  3. I'm the guy who comments a lot but doesn't have his own blog! That's about it. I suppose I've got a pretty good Noah Syndergaard collection and I grab Edgardo Alfonzo stuff when I can which isn't all that common, but I'm nowhere near the level of being called "the guy" for those players.

  4. You know I’m the ‘Rays guy’. I love that refractor! You are def my Vogelbach guy and one of my Cubs guys. I was thinking about putting something on my sidebar listing each MLB team and which bloggers collect them.

  5. Camscan did a nice job! If you need a steady hand, it prob wouldn't work for me. I'm not sure what bloggers call me. Crazy hot dog gal? Likely just "cracked" but I already knew that, hence the blog name.

  6. I'm your:

    Dodgers guy
    '75 buybacks guy
    Night card guy
    Kellogg's guy
    Mid-80s Fleer guy
    '67 and '70 Topps guy
    '56 Topps guy
    Ron Cey Dodger cards guy
    Kershaw cards guy
    '76 Hostess cards guy
    Bills/Sabres cards guy
    Vintage-in-general card guy

    Probably missing a few.

  7. I'd like think I'm the Angels guy, but I know a couple other collectors out there. Same goes for wanting to be the baseball sweepstakes/game/info/etc card guy and the baseball checklist guy.

  8. Very nice cards from Cards on Cards. The colors on that Vogelbach are psychedelic, man.

  9. I am one of many who consider themselves a/the

    Steve Garvey guy
    Dodger guy
    Double play guy
    Dodger stadium guy
    Vladdy guy

  10. I've been using CamScanner since 2012 or 2013. I HATE the watermarks that came over the last few months, but I've been too lazy to find a new scanning app. My printer now has a scanner, but I don't anticipate ever using it. Phone scanning is much easier, and for the most part, does a pretty solid job.

    I'm your:
    Tino guy
    Ty Hensley guy

  11. You're definitely the Vogelmonster guy and my first choice as Cubs dude.

    I can be the
    Space program guy
    2020 Nationals World Series parallels guy
    Redskins guy
    Palmer, Sutter, Fisk, Bo Jackson current insert guy (but that's getting a bit granular)

    Some send me stuff like I'm the Orioles and Nats guy, but I'm really not, except for this year since DC won.

  12. I'm not sure how many other A's card bloggers there are... so I'll go ahead and say I'm the A's guy. Probably the Kurt Suzuki guy too. And since there aren't a lot of hockey card bloggers, I'll say I'm the Sharks guy.

  13. I'm the guy who leaves typos in comment sections :(