Friday, March 27, 2020

Utz and Udders

Although I have slowed my Ebay purchasing as of late, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I did have one significant Vogelmonster card land in my mailbox today.
Behold: The 2020 Topps Utz Dan Vogelbach card. Who doesn't love a good food issue card?
I actually saw an Utz cardboard display at one of the local grocery stores recently, but it was full of Doritos. I was really bummed, because I would have loved to have bought some new-to-me potato chips and opened some baseball cards!

I also decided to take a gamble and jailbreak the cards sitting in my Sportlots box.
Here's my favorite from latest purchase:
 We were definitely spoiled with Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Brian Jordan back in the day. Do you think we'll have see a professional two-sport athlete again? Maybe Mookie Betts and his bowling escapades are as close as we're going get?

Topps Gallery.
My latest Ryne Sandberg addition is from the 1997 Topps Gallery set. The border is gold foil and it has all kinds of texture to it like a true picture frame. How about the double-dip, with ivy in the background, and the Craig Biggio cameo?  Very solid!  I'm up to 957 different Rynos in my player collection. Woo-Hoo!

One might think this is a random card from the 2014 Goodwin Champions set. One would be wrong.
This card fills the LAST empty pocket in my Hall of Fame binder. I now have one card for every player inducted into Cooperstown. This has been a long time coming!  Now all that is left is to go for card upgrades and track down cards for new inductees. 

Speaking of Hall of Famers inductees . . .
 This one isn't going in the HOF Binder, but instead it will reside in my Folder of Fun. Larry Walker and a dog? That is fun!

You clicked on this post to see some udders. Don't deny it.
I'm sure you've seen this card on the blogs before and now I have a copy to add to my collection. This one will also find a place in my Folder of Fun. Good stuff!

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe!


  1. If the 2020 flagship set looked like the Utz cards I would have bought a box by now. It's nothing amazing but it's an improvement IMO.

    Your Hall of Fame binder is complete? That is a fantastic achievement, congrats! You're giving me hope for my next big undertaking.

    The Walker and Hudler are certainly fun. You don't see those kinds of photos on cards anymore.

  2. I prefer the Utz design over the flagship this year - it kind of reminds me of a remixed 1986 design.
    I hope we do see another 2 sport player, it's possible that it would be more like playing one sport, then "retiring" to try another like Tim Tebow.

  3. I have a Sandberg up for grabs on Padrographs if you want to claim it.

  4. That Utz design is simple yet screams "what if Panini did have logos" at the same time.

  5. The Utz look good. I like that they got a unique design.

  6. Congrats on finishing the Hall of Fame binding. Hope at some point you'll post the fully completed pages.

  7. Bo, Brian, and Deion. Those sure were the days. I wish Kyler Murray would have played for the A's as well as the Arizona Cardinals. That would have been cool.

  8. Congrats on completing the HOF binder! I didn't have any luck finding Utz cards at my local big box stores last year, but hopefully my luck changes in 2020 because I kinda like the design on 'em.

  9. Utterly admire this point, Tom. That's great news about your binder! Congrats! I'm just starting mine but I haven't fully finalized how it's going to "work".