Thursday, March 19, 2020

These Weren't Found in Re-Packs

Recently, a mailer from our neighbor to the north arrived at my door step. Douglas, the author of Sportscards From The Dollar Store, sent me a little package that provided quite the punch.

Let's dive in:
 Kris Bryant, I think, has become a bit of an afterthought with the glutton of talent at third base in MLB. Often times the industries fantasy pundits don't even list him in the Top-10 within the position. The man wants to get PAID and I think 2020 will be a big year for Kris.

Rizzo is one of my favorites and I hope the Cubs lock him up with a three or four year extension.
Chronicles is already such a fun product, but it would be so much better with logos!

Will Tyler Chatwood finally make good on the contract he signed a couple years back?  If the Cubs could get 170+ innings of sub-4.00 ERA out of him I would be very happy.
Addison Russell. Ugh. He's still a free agent. Any takers? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Triple Threads?  Here's a product that finds its way to me once every few years.
 I'm not sure how Douglas came into these, but I love the high-end feel to the cards.

Here's a Single Jumbo Relic card of Ian Happ. The Happster has a chance to be a solid contributor this season if he can win the strong side of the platoon job in CF.
Thanks for the Cards, Douglas!  I saw your post last weekend about where the leftovers to the re-packs you purchase go.  You, my friend, are a good man.  I've been sitting on a couple of re-packs and I think I may have to pony up and pay the price to get them across the border to you. All the best!


  1. Lots of great stuff there! I think Panini products are getting better despite the lack of logos.

  2. That Contreras card is awesome! It's weird that Topps chose to highlight his bobblehead giveaway like that... but I like the overall design of the card and the use of two different colors of swatches.

  3. Those cards are nice. Agree about the logo-less Chronicles card. Would look so much better with text on the players uniform. The relics are awesome.