Sunday, March 15, 2020

Social Distancing

Wow. That escalated quickly.

It was just a week ago life in the good ole U.S. of A. seemed fine.  Bradley, my college basketball team of choice, had just defended its Missouri Valley Conference tournament title and was set to go dancing.

Then the dominoes started to fall. All of the major sports leagues were put on hiatus, travel bans were implemented, every school in Illinois was on break until the end of the month, and I still can't find a single loaf of bread in P-town. Luckily my parents gave us a bread machine not too long ago. #winning

My wife and I were planning on meeting up with my family for lunch today, but we decided against it. I work in a high school germ pool and my wife is a nurse practitioner. I'd like to think I'm healthy, but I honestly have no idea at this point. Better safe than sorry.

So, yeah... I guess I'm social distancing. Ugh.

In the mean time I can organize my Vogelmonster collection, package up some trade packages, and organize the recent influx of Cubs cardboard.

Speaking of which, here is one of the more recent packages to hit my mailbox.
Kerry, from Cards on Cards, apparently had some Cubs cards lying around and sent them my way. Most excellent.

What a great start to a package of cards! The vintage Topps logo makes me smile.
 I don't know that Nico Hoerner will ever develop into a Top-10 second baseman, but he should be a decent contributor as a regular in the future.

Team Heroes of Kid K and Sarge:

For whatever reason I had a player collection of Mark Grudzielanek when he played with Les Expos. Yes, I was all over the map when I was a young collector.

Wow, that Schwarber refractor photographed really well!  Look at those purples and reds!

The 1989 Cubs are still one of my favorite Cubs teams ever. Dunston was a major cog on that team and Assenmacher was a trade deadline addition.

2020 Cubs! The Bote is a unique photo. You don't see flips too frequently on cardboard.

You remember when the checklist for Topps 2020 Series 1 came out and everyone was upset about the Rangers only having 1 card in the entire set?
 How in the world does the Cubs get two cards like this?  One is a checklist and the other is the team card, but still! Topps continues to perplex me.

The Schwarber is an insert from the 2020 flagship product and the 150 Years of Fun card of Ernie is from 2019 Opening Day. I love me some inserts!

Ahhhhhhh... This one was the most coveted card on my want-list.
 It's the Cubs World Series celebration card from the Decades' Best insert set. This one goes straight into the World Series binder. LOVE IT!

Thanks for the great care package, Kerry. It'll provide some enjoyment as sort them into my Cubs FrankenSet and my player binders.

For those of you missing live baseball right now Ken Burns has decided to make his baseball documentary available to us for free!  I know what I'll be doing this week when I'm not sorting cards!

Be safe everyone and wash those hands!


  1. I find it funny/sad that the US had a good 2 months (at least) to prepare and this is the best it could do in response.

    Nice cards, stay safe, stay calm and try not to go stir-crazy.

  2. My work had the bad luck of scheduling a huge sale this weekend. Just arriving home from working with the general public for eight hours, woo-hoo! I already feel like I need a nice chunk of alone time with my cards.

  3. those vintage stock parallels are my favorite. I like to just leave them laying around on the card desk to pick up and flip over and read the back for the 19th time every so often.

  4. I started watching old games at one point to get excited about this season, but I just can't right now.

  5. Are you still on the hook for providing assignments/answer questions via the internet/virtual classroom?

    1. Yep, still responsible for churning out material, grading and providing feedback. Spent the day in an empty classroom today, but now I'm set to work from home indefinitely. Sigh.

  6. There are some great cards here, but that last one is definitely a winner! Hope you're able to stay safe, healthy, and busy though this uncertain time.

  7. Social distancing. I like the sound of it. Just found out today that a shelter-in-place order is going into affect here in the Bay Area and our district won't even allow us into our classrooms. It seems like different types of food is hit or miss. I went to Safeway this morning and they had tons of break... but no rice and minimal pasta. Hope you and your wife stay healthy. And let her know that she's a hero in my book!

  8. I like the decades best insert set and am looking forward to more of them in series 2 and update