Sunday, March 8, 2020

Checklist Confusion

My baseball coaching season is taking off and I still have cardboard finding its way to my mailbox. I have a couple of other trade packages to post about and handful of stacks which need to be packaged up and shipped out. Oh, such is the life of a collector!

I have time for a quick post before Bradley, my favorite college basketball program, takes the court in defense of their Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship. Go BU!
Zippy Zappy's PWE gets the nod here, because it's only one card and tip-off is fifteen minutes out and I still have to travel to my sister's to catch the game.

 This is my first look at Bowman Sterling.  The design is okay.
How does Topps pick their checklists? I understand he was the 5th ranked prospect in the Cubs organization, but he had a sub 0.600 OPS in A-Ball. That is not a Sterling Statistic!

Thanks for the PWE, ZZ!  Your package should go out this week. 😀


  1. Good to know that a sub-0.600 OPS in A-Ball is good enough to be the fifth best prospect in the Cubs org.

  2. Perhaps the Cubs are promoting him a little too aggressively, lol.