Monday, February 17, 2020

When Vogey Comes in 2nd

My wife and I escaped for the Indiana Dunes this past weekend for some amazing hiking. On the way there we crashed with her parents and went out to dinner with friends. On the way back we trekked into the Chicago suburbs for pizza. Mmmmm...
Before we left I received a PWE from Jim, who is also known by the moniker gcrl.
 I haven't been to a card show this year as of yet, but when I do I'll be on the lookout for kik√© cards for you, Jim!

These are my first Cubs cards from the 2020 collecting season:
It appears as though Rizzo hit another one to beat the shift. I hope he gets off to a hot start this April, as his last couple have been borderline dreadful. 

Vogey!  Behold, the first 2020 base card of Dan Vogelbach to add to my player collection:
 Such a jovial dude.
 Vogey has to work on his contact rate a bit, but I think 2019 was a nice breakout season otherwise!

Here's the best card from the PWE, and honestly, even the Vogelbach card comes in a distant second. (FWIW, that was not easy for me type.)
I had a 1958 Topps card of Bob Lemon in my HOF Binder, but I'm not a fan of the boring '58 design.  This 1955 Bowman offering is most excellent. I love the light standards in the background and how you can see him gripping the ball in the middle of his windup.

Thanks for the awesome contribution to my HOF project, Jim!


  1. I had no idea Vogelbach had 1/1's in Series 1.

  2. Wonderful cards. If the Lemon wasn't in there that Vogey would've been the pick of the litter. But you know how much I like players with fruits for last names.

  3. There are dunes in Indiana?!?!

    P.S. Awesome picture!