Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Shiny Vogel Goodness from N.O.

I had a handful of PWEs come in today and my list of bloggers I owe cards to continues to grow. I'll have to get off my duff some weekend soon and make it out to a show to pick up some cards for return packages.

Back to the mail. All but one of the return addresses were foreign to me, so I saved the known PWE for last. Mail from the blogging brethren is the best type of mail after all.

One of the Ebay envelopes contained a silver foil card of the 2020 Series Dan Vogelbach card. When I opened the envelope I could have sworn I heard angels sing.

When I got to the last envelope, which was sent from our local Night Owl, I was pretty amped up to see what he sent my way.

Then, there were more angels singing! Plus, bonus points for N.O. as he becomes the 15th different person to send a Vogelmonster card my way.
I'm seeing double! 
Yep, I now have two of the silver foil cards. So Shiny!

One card, obviously, will be enshrined within the pages of my Vogelbach binder. I'm thinking the other one will slip into the exterior pocket on the spine of said binder. The foil board shininess will look sharp on the outside of the binder.

Thanks for thinking of me Night Owl. I'll try to find some worthy Dodgers goodness to send you way before too long!


  1. Geez, I got that card out as quick as I could and I still couldn't beat the ebay shipper! Oh well, glad you can use two!

  2. I've got a spare Vogelmonster SP from Heritage if you don't have one