Monday, February 24, 2020

Silver Pack Mojo

Yes, I still trade. I just haven't bought much new product the last few years so the trade bins are pretty bare. But, some bloggers are super fun to shop for and they pull me back into the cardboard community. Greg, the mind behind The Collective Mind, is such a blogger.

Greg's want-lists are super organized and I love cherry picking cards from his "High Priorities" when compiling a Sportlots order. In fact, I believe I sent him a half-dozen from his Top 12 wants this time around. I always picture my yellow mailer kind of like a wrecking ball smashing his High Priorities into smithereens when it arrives. 😁 Plus, it's always fun to see what he replaces the ones I sent him with.

Meanwhile, Greg's return packages always fit right into my collection oh so perfectly. In fact, every card he sent was brand new to my collection, and that's not easy when I have 900+ different Sandberg cards and 500+ unique Kerry Wood cards.

Here's the card which prompted our latest trade:
This is not the Silver Pack Mojo the title of the post refers to, but it is from a 2020 Topps Silver Pack. The pattern of the refractor still reminds me of tire treads. I'm still not sure why Topps made the 35th Anniversary a thing, but I'm glad they continued it for this year because I think the 1985 Topps design is highly underrated.

I still don't own a scanner and I know bloggers poo-poo others for taking pictures of cards. But...
Good luck showing off the awesomeness of this 2000 eX card with a scanner!

Yep, Ryno is the perfect fit for a card titled, "Forever Cubs."
 Honestly, I didn't know Sandberg was known as "Kid Natural." How did that factoid escape me until 2020?
 Here's one more Ryno for good measure:

On to the Kerry Wood section of the post!
 Eleven new cards of Kid K have been added to my player collection, which is the highest number in quite some time. Many of them are serial numbered as well!
 This Playoff Prestige card would look good with a gold sharpie auto. No?

Alright, time for the aforementioned Mojo!
Wow. Now that is a beautiful card. So much impresses me here from the 2019 Topps offering:
1) I really like the 1984 design
2) The gold behind the player's head is a nice touch.
3) So sparkly!
4) Serial Numbered to /25.
5) Look at that face of determination!
6) His autograph is on point. Wonderful!

Honestly, I have some pretty sweet Vogelbach cards from the 2019 collecting season, but I dare say that this KW auto tops them all.

Thanks for the trade, Greg!
Ha!  I'm sure you will. I look forward to it!


  1. Don't know that I've ever seen an autographed Kerry Wood card before. Very cool!

  2. That's right, folks! This guy is fantastic at killing my high priority targets! It was indeed a cool half dozen this time. I'll be posting them soon, and you'll see that they went beyond what I sent!

  3. 1997 EX-2000 is a beautiful set. It's crazy that Fleer/Skybox released this set over 20 years ago and it's way more innovative and unique than 99% of the stuff Topps produces.

  4. Very nice cards. I could look at Sandberg cards all day long and never get tired.