Monday, September 9, 2019

What's Your Favorite Series?

I just finished up writing the 35th installment of Hall of Fame Binder series for this Wednesday. This project has been way more fun than any adult should probably have. First there was building a checklist of players, which involved a spreadsheet . . . and I love spreadsheets. Then there was hunt. Who doesn't love tracking down cards of Hall of fame players? I spent a couple of years building my binder before I finally decided to start crafting posts. The posts, themselves, have been fun to write and quite educational.

Then I started thinking . . . what is my favorite series to read? There are some very creative and talented bloggers out there. What series do you consistently look forward to reading?

I think one of my favorites is ARPSmith's "Just for the "F" of it" series. He doesn't add to the series all that often, but he's featured some interesting cards of Joey Chestnut, Lyle Alzado, Chris Mullin and most recently Rick Dempsey. I always like to see what other cool cards bloggers add to their collections even though they may not fit a specific collection.
Speaking of ARPSmith, Adam showed off a Javy Baez on his blog awhile back and I reached out to check on it's availability. 
As you can probably surmise, it was a available!  I now have two copies of this card: one for the Cubs box and one for my Baez binder. Woo-Hoo!

 Adam also included a three-fifths of the 1992 Topps Kids Cubs team set.
I'll have to check my collection and see if I have the Grace and Dunston. 

Warren G throwing out a first pitch is cool, but a sparkly Dexter Fowler from Topps Chrome takes the cake!

Here's a couple of early 90s Ryno cards to help bolster my Cubs boxes.

Here's my favorite card from the batch.
 Cole Roederer was the Cubs' second round pick in 2018. He struggled a bit this past year in Low-A with South Bend, but I like his skill set and I look forward to seeing him take a step forward next year.

Thanks for the Baez and the extra Cubs, Adam!


  1. Your HOF binder posts are up there on my list! I've also recently learned the joy of spreadsheets thanks to my recent task of cataloging my larger player collections.

  2. My favorite series on your blog is very likely Tom vs the Chipmunks (or Tom vs the Raccoons on occasion).

    1. Yeah, I've been loaning my traps out to other neighbors... I haven't seen evidence of any racoons this year. Woo-Hoo! I may need to start trapping chipmunks again next spring. The populations seems to be growing again. Ugh.

  3. I like the Ogel That Vogel. I appreciate player collecting and your dedication.

  4. Love the 1992 Topps Kids set! And that NBCD Baez is sweet! As for your question... like you said there are a bunch of creative and talented bloggers out there. Way too many for me to sit down and narrow it down to one... or even a handful.

  5. I really like many series, i know one of my personal favorites to post is the Origins Of A Cardboard Addict but one I like to check out is Jon's pickups from COMC. Always something there I want lol

  6. I think you need an H Squared series focused on Hugo & Holiday. Then again... I'm a sucker for pets.