Monday, September 23, 2019

I Won Something!

 Within the blogosphere I used to hold my fair share of contests and also enter contests whenever I could find them. It seems like Twitter is great place to get in on the contest game, but ever since my collection focus has narrowed so has my desire to participate in giveaways and the like. Anymore, I'm really picky about the contest I enter.

John, from Johnny's Trading Spot, held an easy contest for his blogaversary and I decided to toss my name into the fray. John and I have a really good trading history and I know he would send something that would make me smile. I'm embarrassed to say I'm just now getting to it., but he sent me this prize package during the second week of August. Busy is as busy does.

The package starts off with a bang!
 I wasn't collecting in 2000 and my Cubs boxes received a nice boost with the Home Team Authority and Limited Edition Employee Cubs team sets. Very cool!

Cubs stickers!
I know a certain elementary school student who will love the extra Jason Hammel sticker. He's going to go crazy!

Mark Prior has been coming up in conversation and cardboard pretty frequently for me as of late.
 So much promise in that arm!

Topps Big League is one of my favorites and I love the different subsets they have in the main set. I'm glad "Bricks & Ivy" made the cut.
 Dave & Adam's has a sale right now on 2019 Topps Big League for $23 a hobby box... I'm so very tempted to buy a couple boxes and build the set.

Talent Pipeline is a fun concept for an insert card, especially with MLB Pipeline being such a big thing. I'm holding my breath that one of the two pitching prospects can make a name for themselves.

1991 Panini Stickers! The Maddux is new to me as is the Sandberg in the top center.
That takes my Ryne Sandberg collection up to 933 unique cards and counting!

Here are my favorite two cards from the prize package.
 Dave Kingman and Bill Madlock are both underrepresented in my collection and these two oddballs, from the 1992 Ambassadors of Baseball World Tour, will fit beautifully in my binders.

Thanks for such an amazing prize package, John!


  1. Those Ambassadors cards are excellent! I received a couple in a trade package long ago, but if not for that I doubt I'd know they exist.

  2. Those are some great oddballs! Johnny has a knack for finding those types of cards.

  3. Johnny always hooks it up with some sweet variety. Is there a special stamp on the limited employee cards? If not, how do people differentiate those singles from the regular base set?