Thursday, September 26, 2019

Soothing the (Baseball) Pain

I was feeling pretty down at the beginning of the Cubs' collapse. There were the big, bold letters written on the wall, and I wasn't happy with what I was reading. This was about the time when the Reds swept the Cubs at Wrigley a couple weekends back. Team baseball leans so heavily on momentum, and the boys in blue didn't have it then and I didn't see it changing with Baez injured and the bullpen struggling.

I enjoy being right most of the time, but this was not one of those times. This has been a horrendous stretch of Cubs baseball that hasn't yet concluded, but it did enough damage to have locked my team of choice out of the playoffs.

So, to sooth the pain I decided to go shopping. I found a couple of autographed cards of two of my favorites for very reasonable prices.

I didn't feel immediately better when I added the cards to my Ebay cart and paid, but it sure was nice having both arrive in my mailbox earlier today.

It's no secret Zobrist, a local product, is one of my favorites. His Cubs autos are few and far between and they go for pretty penny.
This card of Zorilla is from the 2013 Topps Tribute set and features Ben in a USA uniform from the World Baseball Classic. 'Merica! Somehow that means I can get a Zobrist autograph on the cheap. That'll work!

And, Pat Hughes. He's like family to me.
I listen to more Cubs baseball on the radio than what I watch on TV (it's not even close) and Pat is that old familiar voice who entertains me so many times throughout the summer. I'm glad he finally got a baseball card and even happier to add this autographed card to my collection!
The write-up on the back of the card is pretty good, too. 

Baseball cards to sooth the soul. For those who really know me, this is not a shocking development.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your team will be advancing to the post season!


  1. I hope Topps continues to use broadcasters in the Fan Favorites set. I'd love to get some of the Bay Area guys.

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  3. I've said it to a few people over the past few weeks, but I'll say it again: I don't usually let the fates of my favorite sports teams (i.e. Cubs) affect my non-baseball emotions, but I've been downright PISSED the past couple weeks. To lose is one thing -- to blow it the way the 2019 Cubs did, with all their talent and experience, is certainly another. Here's to 2020, I suppose...

    (Oh, and that Pat Hughes auto is terrific! It's one of the few autographs I can remember that I actually wouldn't mind seeking out and buying.)

  4. Sorry your boys in blue have left you feeling blue. The cardboard therapy is nice though and you got to great looking cards. How do you feel about Maddon going? I was stunned when Rizzo was playing just a couple of days after that ankle injury. Looked brutal. Well, the longer off season will give him a few extra weeks to heal and be right for 2020.

    1. I'm okay with Maddon going, but I hope he finds a good job and doesn't change who he is. I think that's part of why he's no longer in Chicago.