Saturday, September 7, 2019

Ogle that Vogel: 30-Homer Edition

Daniel Vogelbach has walloped thirty home runs. Click here to watch the video courtesy of MLB. When I started seeking out his cards shortly after he was drafted in 2011 I dreamed of this day.

I'm pretty giddy right now.

To celebrate, let's show off another one of my most recent Vogey purchases.

When I initially heard about Topps Total making a comeback I was just as jazzed as most collectors, especially the set builders. It's unfortunate the way Topps has packed this out. Regardless, Total has given me a couple more Vogelbach cards this year, including this low-numbered, red parallel.
I also find it odd Topps photo-shopped out the sparks of fire, smoke, and the residual baseball shrapnel you see when The Vogelmonster's bat makes contact with a baseball. Odd.

Congratulations to my favorite baseball player!


  1. I knew Vogelbach was having a great year, but I had no idea that he was so close to the 30 home run mark. I can only imagine how happy you are.

  2. That's a beaut, coach! It's too bad Topps Total was a stinkfest this year the way Topps offered it, but great to add a low # to the Vogel collection!

  3. Congratulation to Vogelbach for hitting #30... and to you for adding this very low #'d parallel.

  4. Haha, you crack me up. Would love to see that kind of explosion of the bat.