Monday, June 25, 2018

The Last 9 to Be Sorted

Someone's having a blog-o-versary contest!  Daniel, from It's like having my own Card Shop, is celebrating the 9th year of his blog in tremendous fashion. All I need to do is post nine cards and I'm entered?  For a guy who is struggling to come up with posts ideas this is a win-win for me!

I have been inundated with cardboard over the last year, which included absorbing two collections into my own on top of all the normal trade packages that arrive at Waiting 'til Next Year Headquarters. I'm almost done sorting and collating. I had EIGHT more cards to file away and then I saw Daniel's contest. Eight is not nine, so I actually pulled a card out from its designated home for this post.

As I usually tend to do with things in my life, I saved the best for last: Cards for my Cubs World Series binder and cards for the cover pages in my many Cubs binders.

Cardinal fans... yeah, you may want to look away. Sorry Not sorry about this!  First up are three cards for the World Series Binder.
I own copies of these cards already in the binder, but some pages have empty slots because card companies can't figure out how to produce card sets that are a multiple of nine. Grrr.
 So, these cards will randomly fill the voids.  I don't mind seeing duplicates when the subject matter is one that makes me smile!
 Oh, good stuff!

The next four cards will compete for spots on the lead page in one of my many Cubs binders. I call them cover pages and each binder gets nine cards at the front before the true subject matter begins.
Often times the pages are full of mid-80s fleer Cubs stickers or early Upper Deck hologram Cubs stickers.
Other things which are featured, but not as prolifically, are cards of Wrigley Field, famous announcers, and the Cubs' mascot.

This is my first "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" card, which I think is just a stupendous addition to my collection.
I'm not as high on this card of Cubs Park, but it certainly holds a place in the binders.

So, that's seven. 


Well, I am the resident VOGELMONSTER supercollector.
When I can get a cheap auto I'll take it. If I recall correctly I tacked this onto an Ebay order early in 2018 as part of a combined shipping deal. Combined shipping is where it's at.

Those were the last eight cards I had laying out in the man room. For the ninth card I had to dig into my team boxes.

I have two boxes dedicated to the 29 other MLB teams. Some stacks are larger than others. For instance the Dodgers, Indians, Expos/Nats and Pirates have larger stacks than most, because I'm a fan of Jackie Robinson, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Roberto Clemente. I keep most of the cards of these players rather than shipping them out in trade packages.

I decided to select my favorite Clemente card in honor Matthew's retirement announcement.
Bob Walk the Plank was a staple in our blogosphere and he will be missed. He provided solid reading content, fun cards of forgotten Pirates, and he hosted our Secret Santa. I'm sure we'll still knock out a trade from time-to-time, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention his generosity through trades.

Well, thanks for stopping by today. I think I'm going to file these cards away and enjoy a clean and tidy man room while it lasts!


  1. Nice 66T Clemente. I have one I'll be sharing next week... but unfortunately it's not his base card. One day I'll have to grab myself a copy.

    P.S. I really need to tidy my man room too.

  2. Great post! Some fun cards there! Thanks for entering my contest!