Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I Don't Remember The Astrodome

I've been to twenty-seven different MLB ballparks during my time, but I still have seven more to knock out. Unfortunately, I never made it down to Houston to see the Astrodome before the Astros moved into Minute Maid Park. I did attend a game at Minute Maid in 2015 and I was really impressed. 
There are many good baseball card blogging folk around the blogosphere. One whom I have really come to enjoy trading with is Bru, from Remember the Astrodome. Maybe someday, when I'm in his neck of the woods we could attend a game and he could tell me all about the Astrodome.
In the meantime I'll keep sending Astros his way and posting the Cubs and other cards he sends to P-town. By my count I believe we've swapped cards seven times now over the years. We've got a good thing going!
Al the cards in this post have been set help and I know early 90's Biggio and Bagwell cards could not have been easy to part with .

I really appreciate you sending them my way, Bru!
Cubbies?  Heck yeah!  Let's see what was in the package.
 I have not bought one pack of 2018 product, which means anything a collector sends from this year is pretty much guaranteed to be new to me. 4-for-4 with the Bowman!
 Archives... nice! 2018 Archives has to be right around the corner, right? I miss Arrieta, even more so that Yu Darvish has not worked out so far. Lester has been solid again this year.
Lastly, we have a Anthony Rizzo Diamond Kings card. Good stuff. I barely miss the logos on this one. Side note: It's okay for Panini to leave the Nike swoosh?

Thanks for all the cards, Bru!  I'll start stashing away Astros for our next trade!

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  1. 27 ballparks is pretty awesome. I think I've only been to games at 7 different MLB venues.