Friday, June 1, 2018

All Caught Up & A PWE

Big day for yours truly. With this post I'm pretty much all caught up.
Topps Flagship inserts. Quite a variety here!
This PWE from Matt, of Sports Card Collectors, is the last one in the pile of "packages I need to blog about." What's even better is all the free cards I promised have been shipped out and should have either already arrived or will be dropping into mailboxes today or tomorrow.
Love me some burlap buybacks!
By my records I only owe cards to The Collective Mind and Trevor P.  I'm pretty jazzed that there are only two on the list. I think GCA knows I'll throw a PWE his way when I get something worthwhile for his collection. And I just shot an e-mail off to Trevor yesterday about sending him my Cubs duplicates. Life is good.
Blue Parallels of Cubs... that'll do quite nicely!
 I take pride in my organization skills, but if you feel your name fell through the cracks, then drop me a line and I'll make it right. After all, people of P-town are fair and just!
 In the meantime I'm going to celebrate a little like the 2016 Cubs, as pictured above, as I prep to sort about 1,200 Cubs into my collection.  Good times for sure!

I'd like to thank Matt, for the PWE which provided the beautiful images throughout this post. He always sends the goods.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!


  1. You're welcome. Just got your big box of goods today. Will dig in later. Thanks again

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with a "pile of packages I need to blog about."

  3. I'm well behind too, including the goods that you sent, Tom. Maybe next week!

  4. I've about got a little "package worth" of cards to send your way when you're ready for them. Just give me a nod and I'll shoot them over.