Monday, June 6, 2016

Contest Reminder!

Remember to sign up for my Chipmunk Relocation Program contest to win a blaster of cards. I started relocating this morning and all is going well . . . so far.

Upon my return home I found that my new cat trap is working well, too!

 The cats love when we get packages from Amazon and the like, because we always leave the boxes out for them to play and sleep in. 
The chipmunk trap is designed for weasels, squirrels, cats and skunks. I can say with confidence that the trap works great on chipmunks and the box works great on our cats! A weasel would be interesting and I'm hoping the skunks stay away.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


  1. My cat actually has a deep-seeded fear of boxes. Very peculiar. Of course, he's also legitimately terrified of potato chips, so I think he just might be broken.

    1. Wow, that is weird. Scared of potato chips? LOL

    2. Heck, one of our cats comes running when he hears potato chips...because he expects to eat some of them.

  2. One of my students told me that skunks make amazing pets. Just thought I'd plant that seed.

  3. I'm thinking Hugo wouldn't be able to turnaround in that box if he went in head first.