Monday, June 20, 2016

Contest Pimping and A Lesson Learned

So, I'm in the south Chicago suburbs this week as I attend math camp. Yes, you read correct. Math. Camp.
I'm an AP Calculus teacher and the College Board has recently reworked the curriculum I teach, which means I'm at a week long Advanced Placement Summer Institute in JediJeff's backyard. I guess he didn't want to see me mathing up the joint so he took off for Colorado yesterday. Someday our paths will cross, Jeff, someday.

I had a little time after math camp today and before the Cubs game was on television so I searched for a card shop in the map application on my iPhone and jumped in the car. I was excited to by some cardboard at a new store!

I wish my application would have shown this screen:
Or this one:

Or maybe I should have called first, because my app didn't mention that either store was permanently closed.

I was in an adventuresome mood and just took off driving in the south suburbs.

Did you know that the roads get really crowded around 5 o'clock on a weekday in Oswego and Naperville? You do now. You're welcome.

I'll call next time. Yes, I will call.

Tomorrow I'm road-tripping it to Wrigley to see my only scheduled Cubs game at Wrigley
Field this year. Wish the Cubs luck for me!

Wednesday I'll head to JediJeff's LCS, which I know is open. It's a crazy cool store and I can't wait to set foot inside again. It has . . . get this . . . two levels!  Whoa!

So, while I'm hitting up the Cubs game and going to a cool card shop you should do something worthwhile as well: ENTER SPORT CARD COLLECTORS' Topps Tier One Contest!  It's not everyday a blogger breaks a box of Tier One AND gives away one of the cards. Check it out!


  1. AP Calc? Oh man. Every year I have 8th graders asking me for help with their algebra and geometry and about half the time I can't remember how to do it. Guess that's what happens when you teach 5th and 6th grade for ten years. My dad always told me... "use it or lose it". Lol... I've lost it.

  2. I've had that happen to me with the closed down stores... no fun

  3. I haven't been to a "good" card shop in a long time. Next time I'm in Chicago I'm calling all you guys to take me to one so I can see in person if such a place exists.

  4. I definitely miss going to card shops. It's been at least 3 years since I've been to one, in fact. I've also driven to an address that was listed as a card shop, when in fact it was someone's personal residence.