Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Trade Post Leaves Me Talking SMack

Jimmy, from S.Mack Talk, reached out to me about the Giants from Topps' NL Standouts I purchased last week and we quickly ironed out a trade. 

The cards I received crossed off some cards from my set builds and added a few to my player collections, which definitely put a smile on my face.

Here's a nice Eddie Mathews from Fleer's 2000 set titled "Greats of the Game".

I only need two now!  Any one have a spare Warren Spahn or Stan Musial they aren't using?

Meanwhile, I need somewhere near a thousand Conlon cards. But, every little bit helps!

Kid K?  Heck yeah!
I'm not sure how I was missing Wood's 2009 Topps flagship card. Hole filled!
 This 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve is a pretty solid looking card. I miss Upper Deck.
The same can be said for the above 2001 Fleer Authority card of Kerry. I think he's fielding a bunt and making a throw to first... um, or maybe that is his pitching motion on a slant? I'm not quite sure. Nevertheless, I'm up to 464 different Kerry Wood cards now.

A second player collection got a nice boost as well: Brooks Kieschnick!
 I love these 1994 Action Packed cards, because they have a raised texture which helps bring them to life a little bit.
 Here's the backs of the Action Packed cards. It looks black, but that's gold fold around the red letters of Kieschnick's name on both cards. Lots of gold foil!
 This last card is simple and clean. I like it.  Plus, I don't have many of Brooks' time with the Iowa Cubs.
I like to think of myself as the #1 Kieschnick collecting blogger in the world. I'm now at 45 unique cards! KaBoom! Take that blogosphere! I put all of your puny Kieschnick collections to shame! Bwhahahahahaha!

(BUT, I know Kieschnick is also on Gavin's radar, so maybe I should temper my ego a tad. I never was any good at SMack Talk.)

Thanks for the great assortment of cards, Jimmy!

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  1. Nice cards, I like the Fleer Kerry Wood card the most I think.

    I did some looking and it appears I do have an extra Schwarber Marketside card. I'm going to get some cards ready for you and reach out to you to give you a package soon.