Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Got Biebered by The Card Papoy

By far, the Justin Bieber card was the worst card of the lot in my first trade with Kevin of The Card Papoy.  What's worse is Bieber, DipLo and Skrillex had a feature article on the NY Times website and my wife has been playing that silly song more than I can ears can tolerate. If you're interested, click on the link above.  But don't say I didn't warn you.  I hope she finds something new . . . soon.

Let's get to REAL cardboard, shall we?  There was some great 90s cards with some truly unique shots.

 Clean those cleats!  And I really miss those home plate collisions.

A new one for the Dunston collection and a be-speckled Chuck McElroy from Flair.  Nice.
 Girardi is a local boy and Glenallen Hill was a masher from his days on the North Side.
 A nice dugout shot rom '94 Topps! Look at all of those bats and helmets!
 I have a copy of this over-sized Master Photo Stadium Club card of Mark Grace, but it's autographed and has a personally inscription to my late grandmother.  Now I have another for my collection. 

Sometimes collectors forget what we have when we're in accumulation mode.  Kevin, thanks for reminding to smell the roses! The Grace was probably my favorite card of the package.

 Rynos!  The one on the left is a Final Tribute card from Upper Deck Collector's Choice and the 777th different Sandberg of my collection.

Here we have some more Stadium Club and Flair featuring my grandma's favorite Cub: Mark Grace.  Tight pants, blue eyes, blond hair, nice smile . . . yada yada yada.
 Nomah and my 408th Kerry Wood card.  Man, I love player collection additions!
 These two guys have been carrying the Cubs offense as of late.  Gold and sparkly.  Yes, please!

Autos?  Wow!  I wasn't expecting certified ink! In some ways, the hype surrounding Kris Bryant is like Corey Patterson Version 2.0 . . . just 13 years later. I'm hoping Bryant lives up to the hype.  But honestly, can ANY player really live up to the hype the media lays on a player?
 I didn't know about this Lee Smith autograph card.  I like how he tried to squish his signature in that tiny little space.

The DLee patch is black?  When did Derrek wear black?  Gasp!  With the Marlins!  Ahhhhh!  Feesh fabric in my Cubs collection!  LOL!

The Mark Prior card has a FANTASTIC swatch of fabric from the U and B of Cubs on the chest logo.  I haven't seen that part of the jersey used before and I'm so glad to add this to my collection.

Lastly, a Sammy Sosa relic.  I'm not the biggest of Sosa fans, because I was a K.Wood guy. (I guess the two were friendly, but never really all that close.)  But this card is pretty AND unique.  It features a box score from Sammy's 20th homer in the month of July back in 2008.  Twenty homers in a month.  Just think about that.  Nuts.  Absolutely nuts.
 Kevin, thanks for the wonderful collection of cards!  My trade box is down to 6 Blue Jay cards.  No joke. It'll be quite some time before I'm ready to ship across the ocean again, but I'm looking forward to it!  Thanks again!


  1. Love the Derrick May card! That Corey Patterson auto is basically the perfect design and the Prior patch is awesome!

  2. Man, nice additions! That's the most "new to me" Cubs cards I've seen outside of a new release in a longtime.

  3. "Steroids. Absolutely steroids." :D

    That Lee Smith auto is nice.

  4. The photo on that Bieber card. Powerful stuff.

    1. It's like he's singing right at me.

    2. Well, he's already been shipped to another blogger's mailbox and more than likely will be featured on another blog before too long. He did NOT fit in my collection! :-)

    3. I think I know who that other blogger was...

    4. Sorry, Nick. But not that sorry!

  5. That Prior patch is awesome.

    "But honestly, can ANY player really live up to the hype the media lays on a player?"
    Mike Trout

  6. glad you liked the cards, Tom ! It was fun putting that package together, even though I parted with cards I really like (the Prior patch and the Lee Smith auto, along with the Mark Grace master photo). I'm happy to see they fit your collection better than mine ! Thanks a lot for the trade, I'll keep an eye on your Blue Jays trade box !

  7. Nice stuff! The thing that's driving me crazy about that Sammy Sosa box Score - who drove in Manny Alexander?

    It was Matt Mieske...

    1. Huh, I didn't even notice that a RBI was missing. Good catch! Also, wow, Matt Mieske. Those were the days!