Friday, August 7, 2015

Bats and a Cat

I had a bunch of bats leaning against a bookshelf in my man room, some empty wall space, two pine boards, and few hours to kill.  Throw in some power tools, a bunch of sanding, and a little wood stain and nice addition to the man room was concocted.

The wall before:

The wall with the my home made bat rack:

 And now the rack, complete with bats!
Far left: my fungo bat for hitting balls during my spring baseball coaching season
Second from left: cracked game bat from Chris Duncan when he played for the Peoria Chiefs
Third from left: bat from Cubs fantasy camp (gift from my friend, Jim)
Middle: the traveling trophy from my fantasy baseball league (champions names are etched in the bat)
Third from right: bat from my mom's youth
Second from right: old, nondescript bat
Far right: old, nondescript softball bat

I do have one more baseball bat which could fill the last empty slot, but it is used as my "high tech" security system and can be found underneath my bed.  It belonged to Tim Lemon, a P-town Tom favorite.

 Oh, and the cat.  Here's Hugo trying to figure out if he can fit in the open slot.

Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Cats for bats... keep bats warm!

  2. Nice work.. that looks great.
    All I've got is an aluminum bat which, yep, is kept by the bed in case of emergencies.

  3. I was expecting a lot more chiroptera in this post.

    1. Sorry, the flying guys aren't really my thing.

  4. Good job, Tom. I absolutely love your bat-rack display. M