Friday, May 8, 2015

Kittens Are Cuter Than Cardboard

There hasn't been much time lately to post and cards as of late, but I think I'm okay with that. A week ago Laura and I adopted two kittens and it's been whirlwind around the house ever since. 

I'd like to introduce them to the blogosphere.  Everyone, meet Hugo and Holiday.

Hugo and Holiday, this is everyone!

They are experts are climbing things and proving to me, time after time, that I did not appropriately kitten-proof the house. Each of them are tipping the scales at just over two pounds of cuteness.

Gus, our fourteen year old tuxedo cat, is less than amused by there presence.  Thankfully, everyone has been keeping there distance and the tension in the air after a week is starting to lessen.
Gus, after a bender.
I hope you enjoyed the update on the expansion of our family.  I'll leave you with a thirty second video which pretty much summarizes the recent activity in the house.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Ya should have turned on the shower. Then it would have gotten interesting....

  2. I love kittens! Too much fun at your house! Non-stop entertainment.

  3. Cat in the box. Cats are *always* in the boxes. My Gus will get into the box tops of the 5000-count monster boxes when I am going through cards to sort them out.

  4. What Tony said.