Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Maturation of Young Hitters

David, from Alaska, sent me a PWE the other week.   It was a small haul, but it packed a punch.

These two young hitters are just learning how to make everyday adjustments against proven MLB arms.  It's a little frustrating knowing that Soler is capable of hitting 0.290 in the majors, but instead he leads the league in strikeouts.  And who would have thought we'd have to wait twenty games before Bryant would launch his first big league home run?  These guys are better than they've shown

I can't wait for them to mature into solid hitters who are comfortable with their game, like Anthony Rizzo is now.  But, there were a couple years in which would all too frequently get himself out.  As a Cubs fan I sometimes wish I could fast forward to the summer of 2017.  Bryant, Soler, and Rizzo should be one of the more formidable trios in baseball by then!  (knock on wood)

Patience, young grasshopper.  Patience.

Thanks for the cards, David!  These will go straight into my Cubs binder!


  1. Unfortunately for pretty much all of the Cubs' top prospects, they were hyped to the point that they couldn't meet expectations no matter what they did (short of hitting for a 1.000 average and blasting nothing but HRs), that said they should be really starting to break out soon enough. Bryant's been on a fire since his 0-for debut, Soler still has his power, and with Addison Russell now in the mix, it's just unfair.

  2. The Cubs were probably the toughest team to project this year. If things play out right with the young kids then the team would probably go out and get some pitching help, especially in the bullpen. If they falter they can hold onto assets until the offseason and make trades.

    It really is an exciting time to be a Cubs fan. The amount of young high end talent all hitting the team at the same time is crazy.