Sunday, August 18, 2013

The PWEs keep coming!

I love the Plain White Envelope.  During my experiences with them I've come to learn that the way I package them the postage is 66 cents, because they are not machinable.  I asked the post office lady the other day if they made stamps in that increment, expecting the response to be no...

Huh, learn something new everyday.  Don't we?

I sent a few cards to AJ of the well-written The Lost Collector blog the other day, but it was more of a "Hey, I bet he would like these cards" PWE rather than a "Let's make a deal" PWE.   Regardless, AJ was generous enough to send something back my way!

Let's take a look inside, shall we?

 Boy, do I love me some Kerry Wood goodness!  This is the 2009 Upper Deck Series 1 card of Mr. Wood.  The Series 2 version features Kerry in Indians' garb.  Bleck.  This one is much nicer!

A 2001 Victory card of Wood.  I've never purchased a pack of Victory before.  Actually, I didn't know Victory was even a brand until I started cataloging my Kerry Wood collection.

Mmmm...  The next one is a 2011 Topps Chrome refractor.
 I sure do love shiny!  That's a great looking card.  Too bad Mateo has battled injuries for much of the year.  The Cubs bullpen sure could have used his help earlier in the season.

Ahhhh... Vintage!
 A 1967 Topps card, in well-loved condition, of Jim Stewart.  I'm not familiar with Stewart, but I am familiar with what makes a great find in a PWE!  Vintage!

Thanks for the great PWE trade, AJ!

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