Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Someday I'll go "all in" on A&G

Let me first start by saying I really like this year's Allen & Ginter's look.  Clean, white, and slightly decorative.  Well done, Topps.

Yet, I've purchased my one pack and I'm set.  No more A&G ripping for this blogger.


Well, I try to only build a set (or two) each year and I've already taken on building a Bowman FrankenSet and I'm seriously considering doing the same with Bowman's Draft Picks and Prospects.  My self-imposed cardboard budget is only so large!

No worries though as I was able to secure the Cubs in Judson's two box break of A&G.  He has two more slots open, just go check out My Cardboard Habit and sign up!

I walked into my LCS today and there were already four other guys in there, which is a fair amount, and the checkout counter was covered in freshly ripped A&G packs.

Nothing seems to drum up interest and excitement like A&G does.  Someday I, too, will be wooed by Allen & Ginter's and I may even participate in the Gint-a-cuffs!

Let's check out my pack, shall we?

First card out of pack...
#9, Giancarlo Stanton
 #265, A.J. Ellis
 I was planning on just pushing through the cards in order, but I have to comment on the Ellis card.  In a recent series the Cubs just got owned by the Dodgers.  I learned a few things in that series...
1. The Cubs offense seems to have gone into hibernation early
2. Puig is one heckuva athlete
3. The Dodgers have two players with the last name of Ellis.
I think Topps' Allen & Ginter's division, which only affixes surnames to the front of the cards, did a nice job of finding a shot of A.J. Ellis with a catcher's mitt in play.  Mark Ellis, for the record, is an infielder.

Sorry for the ramblings.

Batting third in this pack: #94, Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler.
 #195, Derek Norris.
 #82, Roberto Clemente.  Holy sweetness.  Nice card!
 #287, Bill Mazeroski.   It must be Retro Pirate Day, because it's too early in the year for Talk Like a Pirate Day. 
 Mini!  FF-PS, The Pilate Stone.

And the last card: ATY-MT, Across the Years card of Mike Trout.

I like this insert set quite a bit.  The back of the card has fun information for the sports trivia buff.



Today is Mike Trout's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mike! 

How coincidental is that?

If I could play some spooky X-Files music in the background, inspired by seeing David Duchovny's name on the back of the card, I most certainly would. 


  1. Can't say I'm that big on A&G these days, but that Clemente is a beauty!

  2. That A.J. Ellis card is great.

    I also think I'm past peak on A&G.