Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Manila Envelope Surprise - Part Deux

This one came out of left field, but it certainly was a welcome surprise.

You see, my friend Jeff has season tickets to the Cubs, but he now lives in Texas.   He's already sent me the second Cubs Archives baseball card set that was available only at Wrigley Field, and I was very happy and content with that gift.  I never thought I'd be able to score one of the four sets, let alone a second set.

Then... poof!  A manila envelope is crowding everything else in the mailbox. 

And there you have it.  Set number three, with a binder that holds thirty-two cards! 

How does a guy who now lives in Texas attend games in Wrigley?   Never doubt the powers of an individual known by his friends as "Crazy Man." 

Man, what a shocker!  

Once again, Wrigley Wax has already posted all the pics of the twenty cards, so feel free to visit his very friendly blog to take a gander and soak in all of that Cubbie goodness!

I now possess two of the four sets and Future Me will have to make a decision concerning the chase of the other two sets.  Hmmmm...  Poor Future Me.  That's going to be a tough call as they're pretty frickin' awesome, but also a little pricey on Ebay.

Thanks, Jeff!  You're the (crazy) man!

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  1. Any time Double Down, any time! Enjoy the cards... I'd sit tight on the other 2 sets - I may have a line on them. The Cubs ended up getting swept by the Dodgers the series I attended - I'm starting to think it is me!