Sunday, August 26, 2012

There will be baseball in Peoria in 2013.

Five days ago news broke that the Cubs may be pulling out of Peoria.  I was not happy then and I'm still quite unamused now. 

Apparently, there's a rule that states that teams can not discuss affiliation contracts outside of a two week window in September.  From what I have gathered, it is not uncommon for MLB teams to have contracts in place before the two week window, but it's more of an under-the-table agreement.  Somehow, the Cubs supposed agreement with Kane County for 2013 found it's way to the public eye about three weeks early.  Now fines may be dealt out to the involved parties: $500,000 to the Cubs and $100,000 to the Kane County Cougars.

In other, much happier news the owner of the Chiefs has stated that there will be minor league baseball played in Peoria next season.  Rocky Vonachen mentioned the Cardinals and Royals as possibilities if the Cubs move north.  I'm still crossing my fingers that the Cardinals would come back to the area.  I'm a diehard Cubs fan, but it would be the best thing for baseball in Peoria.  Good luck, Rocky!

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