Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paco Perching off the Porch

About six years ago we brought Paco home from the Penguin Ranch (Lowe's).  He was a sound investment all those years ago, as his price was just right, and we knew he would help us spruce up the yard each holiday season.  Besides, $30 for a 8-foot tall penguin... that's a no brainer!

I've constructed a platform for him this year and now he is resting adjacent to our front stoop.  Paco is no longer precariously perched, as his base is much more stable than in years past.  He'll be up in the morning to wave goodbye to Laura and I.  Then he'll take a good long nap before waking to greet us when we get home from work.

We also added a sign to the front yard and a little tree to the living room.  Laura may add a few more things to the living and dining rooms, but we're pretty much set.  We're not the biggest decorators around, but we know what we like!  Happy Holidays, everybody!


  1. I'm surprised Paco doesn't have a friend in the yard with him.

  2. Nice job with giving Paco a place to roost. Mom