Saturday, November 19, 2011

Living It Up in the Living Room

We've almost knocked out another project.  Some trim needs to be installed and we're still waiting for our new couch to arrive, but the living room overhaul project has just about come to a close.

Here's what the room looked like when we moved in.  Nothing special.  Blue wallpaper and beige carpet.  Yeah, fun.  The wallpaper came down a few year ago, but the carpet remained until recently.

Once we tore up the carpet and removed the padding we were somewhat surprise to see that our floor was a cement slab.  "Let's paint it!"  I rented a sander and removed the remainder of the glue that once held down the carpet padding.  The picture is a bit "fuzzy" because of the dust particles in the air.

After a little research and a trip to Sherwin Williams Laura found what she wanted.  Here's the floor after the paint job.

I convinced Grandpa to pay a visit a few weekends ago.  As you can see from the picture Gus felt as though Grandpa would like a warm seat when he arrived.  Also pictured is the "new to me" table saw that Dad gave me.  Dad got a "new to him" table saw this summer. If you know my dad at all, then you know how super cool his "new" one is.  I'm happy with his hand-me-downs, no doubt!


So, Grandpa supervised the construction of our new built-ins.  He was there for a good six hours and he taught me more than a few things.  So many of my projects would go MUCH smoother if he was there to offer words of wisdom.  Here's Gus during he construction phase.  We all had our roles.  Grandpa was the foreman, I was the labor, Jane was more labor (thanks, Jane!), and Gus was quality control.

Here's what they looked like after a good day's work.  Not bad for a retired carpenter and his two grandchildren.  Pretty solid if you ask me!

After a week of painting, mostly through Laura's tireless efforts, and a little sprucing up...  And yes, that is a cat pillow in the window.

Many thanks to all those involved!


  1. YOu did a great job, Tom. I'm so pleased. L

  2. Way to go, Tom and Laura! Mom