Sunday, October 30, 2011

Theo's Shockwaves are felt in Peoria

The annual Iadipaolo Halloween party was this past Friday night.  Normally there is a good group from work that attends, but there was a football game tonight that drew their interest instead.  No biggie, the usual gang was there...  Jane, Jim, his daughter and her boyfriend.  Vince and Sandra thrust large quantities of chili and puppy chow at us, but I gravitated around Jim's cookie cake (no surprise there).

Did I mention that we watched World Series Game 7?  No?  Oh, then I didn't tell you that Jane came as the most scariest thing ever!  Oh, and to complete her ruse she cheered the entire evening!

Here's the Iadipaolo contingent:  Joey Gladstone from Fullhouse, Snow White, Rapunzel, and the Amazing Spiderman.  I'm not sue if you can tell from the picture, but Spidey must have, like, seven gym memberships!

Now to explain the title of the post.  About two-and-half weeks ago I posted a brief snippet about the Cubs and how the hiring of Theo Esptein will hopefully turn the sports franchise I so dearly love into a perennial contender.  If you're a Cub fan, then Theo is the hottest thing since the internet, thus my motivation for my costume this year.
Apparently before his interview with the owner of the Cubs he stopped in a Starbucks in Wrigleyville and purchased a coffee and a banana.  A fan asked, "Hey, aren't you Theo Epstein?"
Theo replied, "No, I get that all the time."   Pauses, turns back to the questioner and asks, "Who's Theo Epstein?"
So busted!  If you get that all the time, wouldn't you go google that guy to see if you did indeed look like a celebrity?  For the record, Theo later admitted that was he's a terrible liar and he was indeed at the Starbucks.
Anyway, I went as Theo Epstein.  I borrowed Jane's Red Sox/Cubs hat combo (because Theo was only so recently employed by Boston), my Cubs polo, a Starbucks coffee, a banana, and a cape.  Why the cape?  Well, because the Chicago pundits have proclaimed him to the Cubs' savior!  I figured I would give my costume a little bit of a super hero flair, because let's face it, if he's going to bring a Championship to my team of choice it's going to take some super hero like powers!
For the record, Jim and I did not talk to one another about our costumes before the party.  Although, we definitely had to pose together!  Jim's a box of cereal named after... wait for it... Theo Epstein!  On the sides of the box where ingredients and nutrition information can normally be found he had written in all the stats for a formula of success.  On the back, as many cereal boxes feature, he had a word search with many baseball and Cub related words!  He really went all out and my vote for best costume went to Jim, although the Cardinal Fan was a close second.

The weekend before I was the Coker's costume party and had a blast there as well.  Jeremy and Mikelle and went as LEGO people.  Very involved and totally unexpected costumes.  I don't have pictures from there shindig but let's just say that they would have fit in well with this this group:
Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Loved seeing the Halloween costume photos! Who's going to break it to Spidey that binkies aren't allowed? Jim's costume was fantastic, and the photo of Jane was unexpectedly crazy. Love, Mom.
    P.S. I guess I will have to start reading the sports section to see if the Cubs actually sign Theo!

  2. Theo was signed to be President of Baseball Operations for the next five years!

  3. The Lego costumes are amazing ! Is there a place to buy them ?



    1. I don't know that there is a place to purchase them, but you can find instructions on the web to create your own: