Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is this THE DAY it all turned around?

Rumors abound that Theo Epstein has left the Boston Red Sox to take on the general manager position with my beloved Cubs.  Epstein was the youngest GM in major league baseball when he was hired back in 2002.  Eight years later he is now 37, has a World Series ring to wear on each hand, and is generally considered one of the top five "suits" in the game.  An expensive one at that: $20 million over five years!

I liked Jim Hendry and he brought the Cubs to the playoffs three times since 2003, but ultimately his old school methodologies coupled with some bad  negotiated contracts were his undoing.

Many questions now run through my head... Is Quade on the way out as manager?  Is Sandberg possibly coming back to the organization in some capacity?  Will the Cubs make a splash and sign a foreign pitching all-star (Yu Darvish)?  Will Carlos Pena be back, will Bryan LaHair get a chance at first, or are the Cubs in the market for Pujols or Fielder.  Perhaps "Next Year" isn't as far off in the future as I originally thought?

If you're a Cubs fan and looking toward the future here's one of the best articles I've read on the direction of the franchise: "Kaplan: Epstein 'blown away' by Ricketts' long-term plans".

One thing that is for certain: I will be more interested in the my loveable losers than I have been in the recent past!  (Wait, is that even possible?) 

All the good news has got me singin'!


  1. Thanks for the newsy info on what's happening with the Cubs. Can't help wondering if You Darvishing for the Cubs to be in the playoffs next year?! Love, Mom

  2. It does make the Cubs feel more respectable and that this will help turn them in the right direction. It is a lot different situation than he inherited with the BoSox. Theo has his work cut out for him.