Sunday, October 16, 2011


Went to the K-Roger this morning to pick up food for the week.  Came home, unloaded, looked the receipt, looked at the coupon that prints out with the receipt and mass quantities of celebration ensued!

If you know anything about me, know these two things:
     1. I'm a baseball fanatic.
     2. Pizza makes my world go 'round.

Look, this isn't just any ol' coupon.  This just happens to be a coupon for Laura and I's favorite type of frozen pizza.  The Garlic Bread Crust pizza made by Tombstone is flavorful and provides the most edible bang for the buck.  Our pizza oven has seen more than a few dozen of these.  Aw yeah!

Side note: I refer to Kroger as the K-Roger because of one of my past students.  She was from the Philippines and her family did a bunch of their shopping when they got to Illinois at the local K-Mart.  She assumed that Kroger and K-Mart were owned by the same company and thus she called it "the K-Roger".


  1. Heh, we also called it K-Roger back in high school.

  2. The Iadipaolo's favorite is DiGiorno. We get the 3 pack at Sam's Club for $11.98 . Its a pretty good frozen pizza for $4 a piece.

  3. I'm kind of embarrassed that we have a favorite frozen pizza. But you know, sometimes quick and easy is on the menu. L

  4. Thanks for the tip, Vince. I'm going to check that out! We only get the Garlic Bread Crust when it's on sale, and even then it's $4. This way we wouldn't have to wait for a sale. We could have pizza whenever we wanted it!