Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Foul Ball

Last night was a big promotional night at the Chiefs game.  The traditional Saturday night fireworks display was the big draw, but I saw many families take advantage of another deal that included 4 hats, 4 meals, and 4 tickets.  Needless to say, the ballpark had a fair number of fans in attendance.

The game started 15 minutes late because the early rains that Peoria saw.  It started raining sometime in the middle of the first inning (7:00-ish), and they stopped play in the top of the fourth around 8:00.  Play resumed around 10:10.  By that time, the powers that be had announced that the fireworks show was cancelled and actual attendance was under 100 people.  The game finished a little after midnight.

I have been to over 100 Chiefs games since they opened the new ballpark in 2002, but I have never caught a ball.  I have had run-ins in the past, but nothing that ever materialized in my favor.

I parked my self up on the right field concourse and was the sole proprietor for the last five and a half innings of baseball.  In the top of the ninth, the two little girls in front of me got baseballs.  The first ball was lost in the seats just below me and I guided one of the girls to its resting spot.  Heck, if I snagged the ball, I would have been heckled!  A couple of pitches later, one landed in the bullpen and her sister was the beneficiary.  Seemingly, all of sudden the territory down right field became a hot spot!  Two batters later I had one land a few feet from me!  No worries, no catching for this log-splitting dude.  I let it bounce twice and quickly snatched it up.

*Warning* - Below follows a rant...  Read at your own discretion!

One of the aforementioned girls looked at me as if to say, "May I please have the ball."  I told her I was keeping this one for myself.   The girls had just corralled their own souvenirs, yet I was still the subject of heckles from the super fan that many of you know as "Red Beard" and his rather large companion.  I was not a big Red Beard fan before this incident, but my opinion is not etched in stone after he called me a jack*ss loud enough for a small minority of fans to hear.  To top it off, Red Beard's friend snagged his third foul ball of the night in the bottom of the ninth, and decided to give two of his three souvenirs away while shunning a young boy.

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Anyways, I have my first ball and I already have plans for it!  Have a good one!

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  1. You should have told Red Beard that "I'm rubber and you're glue, so whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!" He's such an A$$!