Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marlins: if MLB were to contract a team...

It's summer, so that means baseball trips!

Jeff and I flew down to Florida and took in the Marlins/Dbacks game Monday.  What a sad state of affairs the Florida Marlins franchise is. They've won two more World Series in the last 15 years than the Cubs have in the last 100, but that doesn't speak to their ballpark, which is a converted football stadium, or their glaring attendance issues.
Jeff finds a fan!

It was hot & muggy, and we saw some horrid pitching as the teams gave up 30 combined hits and 21 runs.  I'm a pitching guy, that simply will not do!  So I focused on what was going on around me... a bunch of football accomplishments and banners, Billy the Marlin, scantily clad cheerleaders, and more bad baseball.

Jeff and I sat comfortably, spread out, amongst the other 5,000 or so other fans (perhaps an overestimate). Luckily for the Marlins they will be moving into a brand new ballpark in 2012, and the novelty of a new park will bring more fans, but they will only keep attending if the product on the field is worth watching. 

The food wasn't bad, but everything else was bottom of the barrel quality in my eyes.  I had to resort to eating a cordon bleu crepe, because many of the concessions stands were closed!

I don't blame South Florida for staying away.

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