Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's Review, Shall We?

Things Tom Dislikes

1.  Being hot.  The heat.  Humidity.
2.  Blood and stories referring to it.  (Okay with my own most of the time.)
3.  Mushrooms. (Learning to live with them on pizza, but it's a slow go.)

Change #2 to read, "Blood and stories referring to it.  (NOT okay with my own.)"

Laura and I thought we would burn some calories today by splitting and stacking wood at Mom & Dad's place today.  We're a little more than an hour in and before we knew it we were on our way to the emergency room.

Since this intended to be a PG-13 blog we won't show any "real" pictures of the event, although Nurse Laura has one on her smartphone that I'm sure she'll share if asked.  Here's a little math equation instead:

So, yeah. Um, I'm not Dr. Evil, but his left pinky does look much better than mine. I'm not real big on details (see #2 above), but I guess my pinky has a "minor open fracture" and a decent sized laceration that required 9 stitches to close.

In all honesty, I was due.  Actually, way overdue to do something stupid beyond all doubt.

Many thanks to the ER nurses for not letting me pass out, to Ben for stitching me up, and for Laura being a rock during the whole series of events.

I guess I'm on the DL (disabled list) for at least a week.  Bummer.


  1. ok I just want it on the record that Nichole was NOT operating the log splitter and was no where near you on this day or during this event!!!! Now that I have that tidbit on the record, how is everything else? Will this impede your running or Iowa Cubs trip?

  2. No athletics until this wound seals itself up, running or softball. I'm still planning on baseball in Iowa!

  3. The picture was awesome!!!! I highly recommend people to see it, unless you have a weak stomach... then don't.