Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dining with Grandpa

So, WEEK (NBC-25) lost Eric Shangraw last week to the Peoria Disposal Company.  My favorite news clips from Eric weren't necessarily news, but restaurant reviews from his "You Gotta Eat" segments.  They were never chain restaurants and featured restaurants from Canton to Bloomington.  In fact, that's how Laura and I found Cracklin' Jake's in Banner, IL.  We watched the video clip, it looked good, and off we went!

I think my Grandpa and I should apply to be the new "You Gotta Eat" guys!

I met Grandpa for lunch today at Billy's Phillys on Farmington Road in Peoria.  Apparently this quaint little restaurant has been open for nearly 21 months and somehow it managed to elude my radar until today.  We were greeted by the owner, who took our order, cooked, and served us.  Turns out he is a former carpenter from Philadelphia, which appealed to Grandpa, and he helped build the Phillies' Citizen Bank Ballpark, which kept my interest!  He couldn't find work in Peoria, so he turned to his love of food.
Place your order at Billy's Phillys!

The food was awesome and I thought it was a pretty good value: two cheese steak sandwiches, two drinks, one order of fries, and some TastyKakes for dessert. Total price: just under $20.  The sandwiches were nicely done, I had onions, green peppers, and cheese wiz on mine... mmmm...   The rolls are shipped in daily from a place in Philadelphia and bring good flavor to the sandwich without drowning out the taste the cheese steak, which almost melts in your mouth. 

I've always considered myself a pizza and burger man, but if all cheese steaks were like Billy's, then I might have another "go to" menu item!

Oh, and don't forget the TastyKakes!  Billy's Phillys are the only place locally that you can pick up TastyKakes.  Oddly enough, peanut butter was the variety today, which I couldn't have been happier about.  After tasting one all I can say is, "Happy, Thank You, More Please."  (Which is also the title of the last movie Laura and I watched.  Check it out if you like romantic comedies.)


  1. Sounds like a good time.

  2. yummy, my mouth is watering. Santi and I like to eat too, so if you and Grandpa need company next time let us know.