Sunday, September 5, 2021

Note from a Player

 My junior high coaching season ended yesterday. Well, sort of... I'm the junior varsity girls softball coach at one of the middle schools in our district. The junior varsity team is made of all the sixth graders and a few seventh graders, and our last game was yesterday. Technically I'm also the assistant varsity coach as well, and that team will continue to play for a week or so until they are eliminated from the state playoffs. Trying to coach a bunch of energetic 6th and 7th grade girls can take a lot out of a guy, but now I'll get to relax a bit and enjoy my assistant varsity gig. 

I've held this coaching position now for the last seventeen years and it's been fun watching the younger middle school players grow and mature into the occasional standout high school player. 

Every now and again I get a little extra something from a player during or at the end of a season. This was one of those years and I thought I'd share it. 

Sweet note from a very nice kid. 

I hope this note brought a smile to your face! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's awesome! Gestures like this are great.

    My town has a fall travel league and my son made the 10U team. I'm also going to be an assistant coach on this team, as I also coached during the spring rec season. I really enjoy it...although sometimes I don't think my son likes me coaching!

  2. Great note! I still think about my coaches and what they taught me.
    In other news I am guessing there will be a vogelbach topps now card for you tomorrow

  3. As a middle school English teacher, I can see just how her teacher taught her to construct paragraphs. Good work, Coach Olson.

  4. Awesome job coach! That's so cool that your player took the time to write you a note. I received some candy and gift cards for my birthday last week from my students, but my favorite present was a handmade card with a short note.

  5. Very cool! I wish I was more emphatic in showing my appreciation for teachers back when I was in grammar/high school. I realize now how much a little note like this would've meant to them.

  6. Awesome stuff. You've written me a couple of thoughtful personal notes along with cards you have sent, so you definitely deserve some in return.

  7. That's so sweet! I love getting stuff like that from students.