Wednesday, August 11, 2021

PWEs Still Make Me Smile

 I'm not as active in the blogging/trading community as I once was, but I'm still enjoying the hobby at my own leisure. Jim, from cards as i see them, sent me a two card PWE last week, and it's magnificent. 

Up first, everyone's favorite jovial slugger: THE VOGELMONSTER!

This is a gold parallel of Daniel Vogelbach 2017 Topps rookie card. Very, very nice. 

The second card from the plain white envelope is one I've had listed on my Top 5 Most Wanted Cards list for awhile.

Stadium Club is so great, isn't it? The is the 2019 Ernie Banks card from Topps most photocentric set. Great stuff. 

Thanks for thinking of me, Jim!


  1. That Banks is definitely a sweet card. Stadium Club's treated him well over the last few years.

  2. Oh is that Banks card delicious. Wow. What a beauty. The other card for who's his face is nice, too.

  3. Happy to help! I enjoy finding cards for other in the 5 for $1 bun!