Monday, August 16, 2021

2 from my Watch List on Ebay

Each morning as I sit eating breakfast I scour Ebay for new-to-me Vogelbach cards. I save the expensive ones to my Watch List and pounce on any cheap ones I don't already have in my collection. 

2020 Allen & Ginter's X Mini Framed Auto, 04/10
I've been watching these two for some time, as they fell in the "Too expensive to purchase" category.  One of them was reduced and I decided to treat myself to both.  
2020 Topps Jumbo Event Sleeve Patch, Red parallel, 03/10
I'm now up to 270 unique Vogelbach cards from 2020. I only have THREE from 2021, and they're all from Topps Archives Signature Series, which takes older cards, adds a signature, and packages them as new. I'm not even sure I should count those. 

Do you save cards using the watch list on Ebay? If so, how many are you watching right now? I'm watching twenty-four currently, with one being of Ryne Sandberg and the rest are of a certain lefty slugger. The current Buy It Now price for all two dozen is just over nine grand. Yeah, I'll never own many of those! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yep always seem to have at least a few on my watch list, but lately my watch list has ballooned with the addition of signed cards and index cards I'm looking for.

  2. Awesome pickups, that sleeve relic is very nice (and looks very chonky).

  3. I'm currently watching one card. My "watch list" is never really more than 3 sales. I have a difficult enough time keeping track of that many and often forget about them.

  4. The frame on that Ginter card is crazy cool!

  5. My watch list has about 40 cards, but I also don’t intend to buy them all. I just like to monitor.

    Great cards, Coach!

  6. A very nice treat. Wait. You have nearly as many 2020 Vogelmonster's as I have Kruk, completely. That's INSANE. The patch card is really lovely. Very nice. Way to go!