Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Creeping Toward 700

 Without the addition of a 2021 release to chase after, the growth of my Dan Vogelbach collection has truly slowed. I'm trying to pick up cards from past years which I missed the first time around, but Milwaukee must really love the Vogelmonster because I've never had so much competition while bidding on Ebay. 

2020 Topps Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Patch

I've been watching this card for a few months at a very high "buy it now" price. The seller eventually gave in and began marking the item down 10% every time the seven day auction expired. I waited a few cycles of the mark down process until I figured it was time to pounce. I probably could have waited a couple of weeks longer, but I didn't want to risk losing this one to another buyer, especially with a card with such a low print run. 

I'm not particularly a fan of manu-relics, nor autograph stickers, but for whatever reason I'm attracted to this card. The most logical reason for my captivation can be traced back to the subject: it's THE VOGELMONSTER!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick post about card #691 in my Vogey collection.

Thanks for reading and have a great one!


  1. I think had it not been for your blog, I wouldn’t have heard of Dan until 2018 or so. Perhaps you created a few Vogelbach collectors from your blog. While I won’t be a super collector, I know if I see a refractor of him, I pick it up more often than not just because of the nice things I’ve heard of him on your blog and just for the off chance you might need it.
    That makes sense that there are some Brewers fans collecting him. They can be pretty loyal.

    1. Agree with Jeremya1um. Out of all of the blogger who focus on a player collection (and there are a lot of us)... you (and Vogelbach) and Collecting Cutch are the first two that come to mind. I don't see a card of him or hear his name on a baseball podcast without thinking of your and your collection.

      Congratulations on #681!

  2. Sweet card! And can’t believe you’re almost at that many.

  3. Man, you'll catch up to TLC and his 1k Tino's soon enough.

  4. Your Vogelmonster collection is one of the most impressive I've ever seen of any player, because it's not like he has 8,000 cards in every set like Jeter or someone. Knowing you're almost at 700 is mind-blowing!

  5. I know it's just the age we're in, and I mean no disrespect, but it's alarming that you're nearly at 700 Vogelmonsters and that you just hit 1,000 Ryne Sandbergs.

  6. Manu relic or not, that's a beauty!