Saturday, September 12, 2020


 I've got time for a quick post tonight. The contents of today's PWE come from Beau. You may know Beau as the fella who is trying to amass one million Cubs baseball cards. That's quite an undertaking, but he's making some serious headway and is closing in on 500,000.

That's a bombing I'll happily accept any day of the week!
I love me some chromey goodness in a plain white envelope. Thanks for thinking of me, Beau!

Vogelbach Update: The Vogelmonster and his 0.375 batting average (NL only) will square off against The Professor and the Cubs tonight. I'm all pins and needles! 


  1. Nice Vogelmonster. Hopefully he kills the Cubs but the Brewers still lose.

  2. Sweet Vogelbach! 2020 will be know for a lot of things... one of them will be The Year of the PWE.

  3. You gave us Beau's count, but what about yours, how many Vogelbach's are you up to now?

    1. I'm up to 535 and counting.
      2020 has been a big card year for the Vogelmonster. I've accumulated 125 so far this card season and I'm still working on Chrome and Archives. Plus, I haven't started tracking down Stadium Club yet and I think A & G comes out next week.

  4. colorful! I picked up a card from Beau on ebay. I knew it was him by the user name. Looks like your little package from me is gonna make it there Monday.