Sunday, September 6, 2020

I Fell into Ebay's Trap

 Just like many other bloggers and Twitter users I also found this message in my Ebay inbox about a week ago. 

I use my watchlist to store all the Vogelbach cards I need for my player collection. I could have picked up a handful of Chrome parallels, but I decided to take down a 1/1 from my wantlist instead. 

It arrived just the other day. 
This is the gold parallel from this year's online exclusive of Topps Total. I would never spend the $30 asking price for any Vogelbach card, but I could spend five dollars after applying the coupon. 

I already had the base card from Topps Total, but I didn't have the other two parallels, which also happened to be listed on the website. 

So, I fell into Ebay's trap and purchased a couple of more cards, which I wouldn't have done unless I had the 1/1. Someone in their business department is smiling at their cleverness. I'm sure of it.
The red parallel is numbered to 10 and the black is numbered to 5. Low numbered parallels are tough to come by and I feel pretty fortunate all of these were available on Ebay at the same time. 

So, there we go. The 2020 Topps Total complete rainbow. It's only four colors, but that's all the parallels. Woo-Hoo!

If you haven't tried already you should give the coupon code a try. I know it hasn't worked for everyone, but you might get lucky!

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  1. Sweet additions! I did the same. 2019 Topps SSP Kaline. He's batting in the 68 World Series. I've wanted this card but it always sells for $50+ when it pops up, not often. I've been watching one for weeks. Not anymore. It's on the way home to Momma! I still spent more than I normally would for a card but this was a golden opp that would not be missed.

  2. I used mine on a complete card set. Even with the 25.00 off, I still spent more than I would have any other day.

  3. Congratulations on landing a 1 of 1 for your Vogelbach collection... especially since it only cost you $5.

  4. Hey that's awesome! Your post inspired me to log into my ebay account and low and behind I had the coupon too so I could stop hating people with jealousy. I spent it in a flash! Congrats on getting the Vogelrainbow!

  5. I'm so used to seeing black 1/1's that it's a little off-putting to see one in gold. Congrats on the add though, it looks really good with the others.

  6. That's a sweet looking rainbow! Coupon codes always entice us to spend more than we planned, which isn't always a bad thing. I too ended up with a 1/1 for my player PC that I wouldn't have purchased otherwise.

  7. That's a sweet addition for $5! I tried the code too, but it didn't work for me. Those of us who joined in 2001 only received a code to get 25% off 25 select ebay stores. (none were sportscards stores)