Monday, September 28, 2020

A PWE with a Mysterious Pitch Grip

Here's another quick PWE as I continue to forge through the mailings from September to reclaim my desk.

Jim, the author of cards as i see them and renowned lower case user came across a quartet of cards from 2020 that fit ever so perfectly into my player collections. 

These two represent the first two cards I've been able to add to my Kerry Wood collection from the 2020 collecting season. With the use of lower case letters for the player name on the front I wonder if Jim is partial to this year's Stadium Club release.

For the record, I really like the photo Topps used for the Stadium Club card. It has a bit of a Donruss Studio feel, which is perfectly fine with me. I'm curious about the pitch grip. Could that be a cutter or maybe how he gripped his four-seam fastball? Usually the grips for breaking pitches, which is what Kid K was known for, have the fingers placed with the seams, not across them as in this picture. 

I think this is my third copy of the chromey pink parallel, yet I still needed the Archives base card. It's funny how things like that shake out sometimes!

Thanks for the cards, Jim. I'll send something back your way before too long!


  1. That Wood definitely gives off a Studio vibe. I like it.

  2. i didn't even think to look at the grip on that card. makes me want to go play catch and see what happens with that grip. your vogelman has been doing alright with the brew crew, but i'm hoping he reverts to mariner-vogel for the playoffs.

  3. That's the Rivera cutter grip. You need pretty big hands to make it work properly, so I have always taught kids the Pettitte-style inside the seams (as you mentioned re: common grips for breaking balls) since it is usually much easier for them to hold and visualize. Given that Wood threw a hard slider before switched to a cutter, though, the Rivera grip might have made more sense since you can release it like a slider more easily than the Pettitte style.