Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Not All PWEs Are Created Equal

Okay, let's review:

  • I busted one pack of Topps Update and pulled two Twins.
  • I had another Twin sent to me in a trade package, which didn't fit any of my collections
  • I sealed them up in a PWE and shipped them to my favorite Minneapolis blogger, Brian.
  • The three cards, with the stamp included, might have been worth a dollar. 
Not a week later a PWE finds my mailbox from Brian, of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbritary

Here is what was inside.

I appreciate a meaningful hand-written note:

Now, let's get the BIG card out of the way first:
Boom! It's the first 2019 Topps Update Vogelmonster that has been sent to me by mail. Take note of the 150 years foil stamp! Parallel mojo! I guess I recently passed the 400-card mark, as this #404 in my Vogelbach PC. So excited!

How about some green chromey goodness?  This one is numbered 73/99 and I absolutely love the way this card photographed.
The green gives the card a Wrigley Field ivy feel. Very cool.

So, here we sit. Either one of these cards, the Vogelmonster or the Schwarber, would have been a more than fair return on what I sent Brian. Instead, he sent both and the scales are already tipping his favor.

But, wait. There's more!


Rounded corners, creases, and stains on the back...

You know. The perfect kind of vintage!

 Yes, that's a 1958 Topps card of Hall of Famer Richie Ashburn. I needed an upgrade for my HOF Binder, preferably a card with Asburn sporting Phillies garb. This will do wonderfully! Beautiful!

Also, in my HOF Binder was a card of Sandy Koufax from the 2011 Topps Lineage set. Nice card, but no stats on the back, and definitely not vintage.

Here we go!
Just. Wow.   1964 Topps is a huge upgrade for the HOF Binder!

What a power packed PWE. I'm simply in awe.

Luckily, Brian keeps his website up-to-date with the Arbitrary 8 and plenty of other card ideas for me to do some future card show shopping.

Thank you very much for the very thoughtful PWE, Brian.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Woof, you're right, the green refractors would probably work wonders with photographs featuring the Wrigley Field green ivy.

  2. I'm really mad at Brian. I just got an Update Set Vogelbach card with ASG stamp on it and I see you have the special 150 stamp and the regular one without it. Damn. Or do you want it still?? Sweet cards, though, all things considered. Happy New Year.

    1. Any and all Vogelbach cards are welcome here! Especially those that commemorate his All-Star appearance. :)

  3. Yeah... can't say this is your typical PWE. Heck of a way to end 2019. Happy New Year!

  4. I think I'm gonna have to start sending Brian some Twins :)

  5. WHOA! Definitely one of the best PWEs in the history of the PWE. (Got an extra '64 Koufax to send me, Brian?!)