Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Box of Cubs Cards from TribeCards

Do you remember when David, from TribeCards, was opening a pack of cards a day and posting them on his blog? It was a huge undertaking, especially considering that he planned to sort and ship out all the cards to team collectors and the like. I was in full-on accumulation mode at the time, claimed the Cubs, and watched with glee anytime a Cubs card was pulled. It was a grand time.

Well, last weekend things got even better. The cards arrived!
 Don't mind the cat legs in the background. She always stalks the newest box in the house. She isn't satisfied unless she's given a chance to see if she fits within the void.
 There's not much of a void in this box, outside of that space at the far right. Lots of cardboard to explore!
The space was created by a Topps Qubi. What in the world?
It's a 3D cube of the Cubs lone bright spot before the team turned their losing ways around. This is a pretty cool concept and somehow one that I had missed until now.
  Starlin had so much promise and was critiqued so harshly by the Chicago media. I wish he could have been around for the 2016 season. So it goes.

 Next up are the over-sized cards which were found at the bottom of the box. These are new to me, but I don't need multiple copies. I wonder if Wrigley Wax has these. Anyone else interested?
 Leon Durham! Very nice. I picked up some 4-pocket pages during my trip to St. Louis last weekend. All of these will look great in a binder!

Here's four more cards which are little larger than necessary. Topps Big and '89 Donruss aren't high on my list because they are so difficult to store.

Alright, let's get to the stuff that stood out. For instance, I needed this Rick Monday for my collection. That's one fabulous looking card.

Here's a quartet of my personal favorites. Oddly enough, I have a thing for part-time players.
 Matt Stairs is my favorite of this bunch, but Reed Johnson, all-out effort and his high socks is a close second.

Here's a pair of Rated Rookies and two Topps RCs:
Carl Edwards probably doesn't fit with the other three offensive performers, but I love-love-love that photo!

Rock Shoulders won MiLB's "Minor League Name of the Year" contest back in the day, which I think was created just for him. The Kris Bryant Donruss card is the KB variation.

I have so many of those first pitch cards, but this is my first one of Chris Pratt. Not that you asked, but Guardians of the Galaxy is one of top 5 all-time favorite movies. The honey bear is from the 2016 Wacky Packages set, which I had completely forgotten all about.  I meant to track that card down and now I don't have to!

Old school Cubs!
Obviously, any package that contains a couple of Ernie Banks cards is a winner. I always forget that King Kelly played for the Cubs franchise. Another superb addition to my collection.

There were three Rynos in the package and I needed two of them. I needed both cards from A&G.

 Here's a couple of card from the 1995 Upper Deck SP set. I have no idea if every card has the blue triangle on the left side, but it works really well with the Cubs. I have to imagine it changes colors to match the team.
 Here's the back of the Sosa card. Do you think he was just hit in the head with a pitch?  Or maybe he is having contact lens issues?

Here's another set I knew nothing about: 2005 Upper Deck FlyBall.
 It was a card game of some sort. Ernie Banks was the only player in Group A.
 Group B had most of the stars and Group C had players like Todd Walker and Jeromy Burnitz.

Hits? There hits in the Pack of the Day experience?
 The Sosa bat is from a 2001 product, so I'll believe that.
 The Mark Grace auto is from this collecting year. David somehow tried to sneak that one in. I'm not arguing!

Oh, I love stickers and holograms. A page of these fillers begins everyone one of my Cubs binders and I was running low. Perfect timing!
 Here's the baseball trivia card from the lower left.
 C'mon every die-hard Cub fan knows that one!

Here's my absolute favorite card from the entire box.
 Yes, Wile E. Coyote in a Cubs uniform. I have a few select cards from this '90 Upper Deck masterpiece, but I didn't know Mr. Coyote was sporting Cubs gear!
Why does the fact that Wile E. Coyote plummeting 300 feet from the upper deck not surprise anyone?  Good stuff!

Ahh, here's a great way to end a wonderful and truly generous package. An auto from David. Very nice!
I contributed a few packs to the Pack a Day project back in the day, but I never expected this kind of return. David, thanks again for putting this together and sending all of those cards out!


  1. That's quite the haul you got there. Those Looney Tunes cards were a lot of fun back in the day.

  2. Lots of cool stuff in this package. Never seen those cubes before. Nice Tribes Cards autograph!

  3. That's quite a bounty of Cubs cards! I love that Reed Johnson card, and the Grace auto is very nice!

  4. fun box! the Grace auto is a beautiful thing. looks like David blessed a good many folks!